Stephen A. Smith gets roasted in devastating fashion by John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight'

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith.
Stephen A. Smith got roasted on HBO. (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images)

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know all about Stephen A. Smith. The ESPN personality is ... unique. Smith’s cadence, antics and volume of his voice have come to define him. You can probably take any sentence and imagine how Smith would say it using his trademark style.

While Smith is a big deal in the sports world, there are so many people who aren’t familiar with his rants. Thankfully, John Oliver was able to quickly explain what Smith is like in a segment on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”

Was Oliver accurate? You can be the judge of that.

Here’s what Oliver said about Smith:

“He tends to be loud, wrong and take pointlessly dramatic pauses.”

After a short clip plays, Oliver comes back with the following:

“Again, if you’re not a sports fan, and you’re just now seeing Stephen A. Smith for the first time, let me address a few things quickly. One, I’m sorry. Two, yes, he’s always like that. And three, no one knows why.”

That is both devastating and on point. It also hints at the absurdity of watching Smith for the very first time. Sports fans have known of Smith for such a long time that his schtick is just normal to those people. Someone seeing Smith for the first time would think his cadence and delivery were bizarre.

We’re not here to pick on Smith. The man is such a masterful performer and troll that we have to begrudgingly respect it. With that said, we’re still going to laugh about Oliver’s description, because you can’t sum up Stephen A. Smith better than that.


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