Steph Curry's pre-Game 7 speech results in text from Warriors GM Bob Myers

What Myers jokingly texted Steph about star's pre-Game 7 speech originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Bob Myers had a simple message for Steph Curry when he heard the Warriors star had given his team a rare speech before their Game 7 matchup against the Sacramento Kings.

Next time Curry decides to deliver an address like that, the Warriors general manager and president of basketball operations would love to be in the room.

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Myers on Monday shared with 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" that as soon as he heard about Curry's powerful speech, he texted the point guard right away.

"I’ll tell you this -- you guys won’t believe me, but I read [The Athletic's] Marcus Thompson’s article on what Curry did on Saturday when he spoke to the team," Myers began. "If you could ask me, ‘You can go back in time and choose to watch the 50-point game or his two-minute speech,' I would’ve chosen the speech. He never does that. He just doesn’t speak to the team like that, and I just wish I had seen it.

"And I texted him last night, I said, man, when you talk to the team, please -- and he knew I was joking -- I had no idea he was going to do that, and I guess it was just the players. He texted me back and it was just the players. I would’ve loved to have seen that."

Curry's speech, described as "powerful" by his Warriors teammate Draymond Green, took place Saturday before Golden State's film session. The team had suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Kings in Game 6 the day before, and Curry refused to sit by idly and let it happen again.


As Myers noted, Curry doesn't speak to the Warriors often. But his words helped Golden State lock in ahead of Game 7, and his historic 50-point performance -- the first in NBA history -- sealed a 120-100 victory that sent the Warriors to the Western Conference semifinals.

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Even after all this time, Curry still finds new ways to impress Myers. In this particular instance, the GM was left speechless. Not only does Curry achieve the seemingly impossible on the court, but the person off the court is just as special.

"And the 50 points was – I don’t even know what to say," Myers continued. "I suppose what I felt was happiness for one of the good ones. We adore athletes that aren’t great people, we do it all the time. We can’t help it. And we root for people that maybe aren’t decent human beings, whether it’s celebrities or athletes, but [Curry's] character and his talent make it so easy to support someone like that and to wish well things for them.

"I’m just lucky I get to know him, see him and watch one of the best players that’s every played do it at that stage."

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