Steph Curry urges Warriors to take responsibility for poor start

The Golden State Warriors have been eliminated from the in-season tournament. A loss to the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday (Nov. 28) ensured Steve Kerr‘s team would miss out on the knockout stages and pile further pressure onto the team’s aging roster. However, it’s worth noting that the Warriors performance was arguably their best of the season.

When speaking to the media following the game, Steph Curry gave a blunt assessment of his team’s slow start to the season, noting how everyone needs to take a closer look at themselves and how they can improve moving forward.

“After this one, it’s gonna be tough to swallow,” Curry said. “We should have won that game. We played well enough to win for 40 minutes. The stretch that we’ve been in, we were really motivated. The in-season tournament was a motivator for sure…It’s a tough pill to swallow for sure. Frustrating. We all gotta look at ourselves in the mirror, and figure out what we individually can do better in those deciding moments of a game. Better decisions. Better discipline to not foul. All the little things that impact winning.”

The Warriors’ struggles have been a hot topic within the media. After a decade of dominance, Golden State operates under a constant microscope, and any sign of struggle is amplified.

Nevertheless, if the Warriors are going to contend for a championship, they need to start developing winning habits now. That means going on a run of wins and bringing the feel-good factor to the Bay Area. Once that happens, Golden State will be rolling, and once again, they will become a tough out for any team in the league.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire