Steph Curry recalls Drake forgetting Klay Thompson's name during concert

Steph recalls Drake forgetting Klay's name during concert originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Klay Thompson might be the NBA's most beloved player, but for one night at least, he was an afterthought to one of the world's biggest rappers.

A few weeks after Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors in July 2016, the superstar attended a Drake concert along with Steph Curry, Seth Curry and Draymond Green at Oracle Arena.

"[Drake] gets on this lift that takes him around the arena so he can see the fans and have that moment," Steph Curry recalled to J.J. Redick on Tuesday's episode of "The Old Man & The Three" podcast.

"As he’s going around, he sees us down there but doesn’t really acknowledge it. He goes past, and he’s like, ‘Yo! We in Oracle Arena. It’s crazy ya’ll [lost the 2016 NBA Finals]. You know it was a tough year. Man, ya’ll got Steph, Draymond, KD now?

"Oh, and uh, No. 11."

"So, we all start laughing," Curry continued. "[Drake] was just in the moment. Seth is with us, and after we get in the car on the way home, he’s like, ‘Man, ya’ll cheating. Because the fact that Drake didn’t know Klay’s name. … Ya’ll got so many names.' "

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The Warriors, of course, went on to win two titles over the next three seasons with Durant starring alongside Curry, Green and -- yes, of course -- Thompson. The Splash Bro can laugh it off by counting his four championship rings.

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