Steph Curry is raining 3s like never before and said he's now aiming for a record Klay Thompson stole from him

stephen curry
Stephen Curry. Jeff Chiu/AP Images
  • Stephen Curry has made 10 or more threes in back-to-back games for the second time in his career.

  • On Wednesday, Curry said he was aiming to break Klay Thompson's record of 14 threes in a game.

  • Curry once set the record with 13 in a game, but Thompson broke it two years later.

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Stephen Curry is raining fire on opponents and plans to take it up a notch.

On Wednesday, Curry hit 11-of-16 three-pointers en route to scoring 42 points in just 29 minutes. The Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, 147-109.

It was the second straight game Curry has hit over 10 three-pointers. It is also the second time he has hit 10 or more three-pointers in back-to-back games.

Curry's 29 threes over his last three games are the most he's ever made in a three-game span. In April, Curry is averaging 39.9 points per game on 50% three-point shooting.

After the win over the Thunder, Curry was asked if he has thought about taking the record for threes made in a game back from his teammate Klay Thompson. Curry said, "Absolutely."

Curry set the record for threes made in a game in 2016 when he made 13 three-pointers against the New Orleans Pelicans. Two years later, Thompson took Curry's record by making 14 threes in a game against the Bulls.

Incredibly, Thompson set the record in just 27 minutes. He also had a game where he scored 37 points in a single quarter.

On Wednesday, Curry remarked on the feat, saying that he was still well short of Thompson's mark for as hot as he was against the Thunder.

"I was kind of joking with some of the guys tonight because I remember Chicago, and [Thompson] did it in three quarters," Curry said of Thompson's record 14 treys. "His 37-point quarter was even crazier, because I had 25 tonight, and it just seemed like I was invincible out there; this dude had 12 more points in the same amount of time, so that was crazy in and of itself."

Curry added: "I think it's gettable, but we'll see."

On Wednesday, the Thunder had no answer for Curry, who was attempting audacious moves and shots, even by his standards.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr - who has not been shy about praising Curry's talent - said Curry might be at the peak of his ability.

"It seems like every night, even though I say nothing surprises me, I'm still in awe of the shot-making," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "It's just incredible. The level of confidence and skill is just stunning. It's beautiful to watch. It's a man at the peak of his powers with a lifetime of training and work, and not just on his body, but on his mind. This is a guy who is functioning at a level that very few human beings ever function at in their particular field. It's just beautiful to watch."

The Warriors are 27-28, 9th in the Western Conference, currently slated to participate in the play-in tournament. They'll need every one of Curry's threes going forward, whether or not he makes 15 in a single game.

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