Steph Curry-Magic Johnson point guard debate is 'lazy,' Draymond Green says

Why Draymond believes Steph-Magic point guard debate is 'lazy' originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Draymond Green believes there should be no debate as to whether Steph Curry or Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard in NBA history.

Only because the debate itself is not worth having.

On the latest episode of "The Draymond Green Show" podcast, the Warriors forward was asked a mailbag question about the frequent debate surrounding which all-time great point guard is the best and how he compares the two.

"I think comparing those two is lazy," Green said. "Just like I think there are only five positions in basketball is lazy. We all speak about position-less basketball, right? That is a lazy term. I think it's all lazy. Steph Curry and Magic Johnson, if you watch those two play basketball, you probably wouldn't say they're the same position. With no understanding of positions if you just watch those two play you probably wouldn't say they're the same position."

In Draymond's opinion, comparing two great players who happen to play the same position is similar to comparing two great artists who happen to fall under the same genre of music. Neither comparison tells the complete story nor provides enough context as to the era in which each produced at its best.

"Just like if you listen to Drake's whole catalog and if you listen to Jay-Z's whole catalog you probably wouldn't say they're in the same genre of music," Green explained. "Yet people very lazily throw Drake in the same category as Jay-Z. I feel the same way about Steph and Magic. It's like yes both point guards as the term goes, but two totally different players that went about it two different ways. Quite frankly there's someone that's going to like the way Magic went about it because they're like 'Oh that's more of a true point guard, that's what I know to be a true point guard." And then there's others that are going to appreciate Steph more because it's like 'Man, look what he's done at the position, scoring and how he affects the defense and all of that.' "

The era in which Johnson played is much different than Curry's era, and simply put, Green is tired of the debate. Both players are all-time greats and worthy of every ounce of praise they receive.

"However, I think they're both GOATs, they are both the greatest point guards of their eras," Green added. "Like I said I just get tired of the comparing eras because quite frankly they're just hypotheticals ... the game was totally different when Magic played and when Steph played. Literally a totally different game. They're almost both not even basketball. It's totally different and we get into making these comparisons or which one is better than the other and quite frankly both of those guys dominated their era at the point guard position and they both should be given their flowers and appreciate their greatness because they're both all-time great players."

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Curry shared the stage with Johnson when the NBA honored the 75th Anniversary Team during the All-Star break last season in Cleveland and likely will go down in history alongside the Los Angeles Lakers legend as one of, if not the greatest point guard in history.

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