Steph Curry kicked Warriors rookie Kavion Pippen out of seat in film

Drew Shiller
NBC Sports BayArea

Kavion Pippen just experienced a "Welcome to the NBA" moment.

The Warriors signed the big man on Monday, and after practice Tuesday he was asked if he has shared any moments with Steph Curry yet.


"When I first got here, we were watching film. I was sitting in his (Curry's) seat. He was like, 'You got to get up out this seat. This my seat' (laughing). I was like, 'OK.'

"He's a vet so he has that right (laughing)."

Way to make the rookie feel comfortable, Steph!

What would the two-time NBA MVP have said if Pippen refused to get up? It's funny just thinking about that scenario.

Prior to telling that story, Pippen (his uncle is Scottie Pippen) was asked if he admires any specific current or former Warrior.

"Definitely Curry. I admire his game," he said. "Shooting from all over the floor. He's elusive. He's just a great guy."

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Wouldn't a "great guy" allow the new guy to pick his chair for the film session? Perhaps we all are wrong about this Curry fellow?

(Hopefully you can pick up on the sarcasm here ...)

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Steph Curry kicked Warriors rookie Kavion Pippen out of seat in film originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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