Steph Curry 'closest thing to perfection' as NBA icon, Stephen A. Smith says

Stephen A.: Curry close to 'perfection' as champion, role model originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Warriors’ poor start to the 2022-23 NBA season doesn’t do what Steph Curry is accomplishing on the court night in and night out justice.

The reigning NBA Finals MVP is averaging 32.8 points per game on an impressive 65.5 percent shooting from the field and 44.7 percent from 3-point range through 14 games this season. After shattering countless records and dethroning NBA legends like Ray Allen on the all-time 3-point list, Curry really only can break his own records at this point -- and he’s on track to do so this season.

Curry arguably is playing the best basketball of his career in Year 14.

But to ESPN analyst and “First Take” host Stephen A. Smith, Curry's remarkable early season start isn't up for debate.

“It’s not an argument. It’s the best basketball I’ve seen him play, without question,” Smith said on 95.7 The Game’s “Steiny and Guru” on Thursday.

Smith credited and praised Curry for the way he’s handled himself as a professional. And even as a four-time champion, 3-point god and Finals MVP, Smith added, Curry continues to stay grounded and keep working.

“If I had someone tell me the story about the Golden State Warriors and about how in the offseason they all went on some trip to Vegas, what they said was it’s universally understood that the one person who’s never going on that trip is Steph Curry,” Smith said. “Steph curry, he ain’t partying, he ain’t drinking, he ain’t doing this, he ain’t doing that.

“That brother is home working on his bag, that’s what he’s doing. And the fact that he embraces and accepts that responsibility is what makes him an all-time great. The greatest shooter we have ever seen, one of the greatest champions we have ever seen, one of the greatest role models we have ever, ever seen.”

That offseason Vegas trip isn’t confirmed, however, Steve Kerr did admit that the team’s early season struggles felt like a “championship hangover.”

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The defending champs are buried as the No. 12 seed in the Western Conference with a crummy 6-9 record and remain winless on the road this season.

But it seems like that "hangover" isn't impacting Curry at all. Maybe he wasn't invited to the party, or to Smith's point, had better things to do.

Regardless, Smith says there aren't enough words to describe how much he admires the Warriors superstar.

"Maybe it doesn’t sound like I’m giving him enough praise, but guys, I don’t know what else to say about that man, and I’m a person who talks with no limits," Smith said. "I can’t come up with more superlatives to express his greatness as a basketball player, as a professional and as a champion. He’s one of the closest things to perfection we have ever seen from any winner in the history of sports. It is that simple."

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