Steph Curry claims the Warriors are now the hunter not the hunted

When a team is a perennial contender year in and year out, every game it plays will be against a team giving it their all. Throughout the Golden State Warriors’ decade-long dominance, they’ve often spoken about feeling like they’re being hunted in every game. However, Steph Curry, who appeared on a recent episode of “Gils Arena,” believes the 2023-24 season will differ.

The Warriors are older. They’re coming off a second-round exit to the Los Angeles Lakers. And the younger stars in the league are starting to flourish. As such, Curry sees the upcoming season as a time for Golden State to be the hunter, something he believes could suit their competitive nature.

“Three core guys trying to keep proving people wrong, and we still have what it takes,” Curry said. “We’re the hunter now, not the hunted, and we’re trying to embrace that energy. … I think the biggest thing is the notion that you always want to be the team that everyone picks, that’s a good spot to be in.

But if you’re in that group of six to eight teams that legitimately has a shot, in terms of the experience, the cohesiveness, the sense of identity of how you play the game. If you’re in that conversation, you hope for health, you hope for people to continue to play at the level they need to, then you get to the playoffs, and it’s just a roll of the dice to see what happens.”

The addition of Chris Paul is also seen as a potential ceiling-raising move for the Warriors, while re-signing Draymond Green is arguably the most important decision the front office has made all summer. Golden State will be hoping to replicate their form from the 2021-22 season, which saw them win their most recent championship.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire