How can Steph Curry cement himself as top five all time?

Steph Curry has had a legendary career with the Golden State Warriors. He has won four championships alongside Klay Thompson and Draymond Green while establishing himself as the greatest shooter in league history and one of the best guards ever to grace the hardwood. However, there are still questions regarding where Curry ranks among the all-time greats.

According to Paul Pierce, who appeared on a recent episode of the “All Factas No Breaks” podcast, Curry needs to win one more championship with the Warriors to be considered a top-five player in history.

“If Steph wins one more ring. Or if Steph wins this year, you gotta throw him in the top five all-time,” Peirce said. “If they win this year, Steph is top-five all-time. He’d probably go ahead of Kobe (Bryant).”

Golden State is clearly trying to position Curry to have that opportunity. Their decision to trade for Chris Paul during the summer clearly showed the front office’s desire to continue contending at the highest level.


Unfortunately, this season hasn’t worked out as many had hoped. Yet, the Warriors could still surprise everyone once the playoffs begin, assuming they qualify.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire