Stepdaughter unexpectedly breaks down when stepmom plays emotional song: 'This broke me'

A stepmom has gone viral for sharing a touching moment with her bonus child, and TikTok is bawling!. TikToker Ashley (@ashleyromano1228) never expected her stepdaughter, Aubree's, reaction to the song "My Girl," by Elvie Shane. Now, the emotional video has been viewed over 13M times — and TikTok is crying right along with Auburee!. At first, both Ashley and Aubree are just casually listening to the song — but when the lyrics start to sink in, her little girl breaks down in tears. In response to Ashley's emotional video, some TikTokers were confused about their family situation. Ashley explained in the comments, "Aubree still has her bio mom! She is blessed with TWO. Yes we all get along. We all LOVE her". She clarified in another comment, "I promise she’s happy! She’s got both her mom and myself, her dad and her step dad". In response to Ashley's video, over 48K emotional comments came pouring in. "Literally praying my ex husband finds someone like you to love my son like this. Good job momma," one user wrote. "I tear up every time I watch this. That little princess is lucky to have you in her life. Bless her with all the love in the world. She deserves it," another user said. "Your whole comment section is crying..." wrote another user. Here's hoping every blended family can find this sort of peace and harmony!