Stefon Diggs says the Bills were ‘playing left handed’ later in the season

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver spoke to Matt Harmon & Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVII about dealing with the disappointment of losing in the playoffs and whether not making it to the big game defines the season as a failure. Stefon joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Downy.

Video Transcript



MATT HARMON: All right, excited to be joined by one of my favorites, Stefon Diggs. Stefon, what's going on, buddy?

STEFON DIGGS: What's up, bro? Thanks for having me on. I know it's early. Good morning, man.

MATT HARMON: AFC, man. Tough run this postseason. You guys had a strong performance against Miami Dolphins, faltered against the Cincinnati Bengals. What are we feeling about the Bills as the season ends here?

STEFON DIGGS: It's a little rough right now, especially considering everything that happened throughout this year. We battled a lot of trials and tribulations, a lot of adversity. Every year is a different year, as you know. So it's definitely in that spot of we had everything we wanted in front of us and came a little short. So you're definitely going to be frustrated and a little bit feeling a way about it. But until then, got to get back to the drawing board, kind of figure out what's what, and figure out what makes sense.

AUSTIN EKELER: Let me ask you this. Because I get this question. How do you, I guess, analyze your season as a successful season? Are you like, hey, it's Super Bowl or bust? Or is it like-- how do you analyze the success of your season?

STEFON DIGGS: I mean, I feel like it also depends on what kind of team you have. We've had a group that's kind of been together for a while. Of course, at this point, we don't want nothing but a Super Bowl ring. So it's like, of course, it's like necessarily not Super Bowl or bust, but that's all you're aiming for. That's all anybody is aiming for.

Different teams are in different circumstances. Say, for instance, you're a 8 and 8 or a .500 team, it's like, yeah, you just want to do better than you did last year.


STEFON DIGGS: The closer you get, the more you feel obligated to win a Super Bowl. So it's like, we've been close for three years in a row, so it's like all right now, know what I'm saying?


STEFON DIGGS: What are we doing? What's going on here? We got to figure out what's what or figure out why we're not getting over the hump.


MATT HARMON: And it's tough. Only one team wins it every year.

STEFON DIGGS: Yeah. So if you not one of them, it's, what, 31 other teams.

AUSTIN EKELER: 31 other teams.

STEFON DIGGS: You ain't doing right. Something ain't right over there.

MATT HARMON: Oh, yeah, it's definitely different teams are in different spots. You mentioned, obviously, that you guys are-- you've been close, right there. We talked to you, or I talked to you before the season, and then we talked to Josh in the middle of the year. I feel like your guys' connection from an onfield standpoint really took another jump this year like.

We see quarterback and wide receiver connections that have been together for a long time. I always come back to Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Those guys had a mind meld by the time-- right before they split up. Did you and Josh kind of get on that page this year where, listen, he knows what you're doing, you know what he's doing, and it just goes out there and you're in sync?

STEFON DIGGS: Yeah, I mean, at times, yes. Throughout this year, it was a crazy year, especially for us. I felt like it was a little weird dynamic because the first nine games, we had like a real formula and recipe on how we were winning. And then that last iteration towards the back end, we kind of were just figuring out ways to win, which wasn't bad for us but kind of got us away from what we were consistently doing.

So for me, I feel like at times, yeah. And then other times, we kind of got away from it. So we carried that same team in the playoffs, know what I'm saying? So that playing left-handed or figuring out ways to win, it's not necessarily a bad spot, but you're not necessarily back to being who you built to be an identity throughout the season.

So we definitely had success, a lot of success. I feel like there was more out there for us because-- especially with that last game and how it ended. We had a lot more football to play, but back to the drawing board, I guess.

AUSTIN EKELER: It's crazy to me to listen to teams-- you guys, what, lost three games in the regular season?


AUSTIN EKELER: Right. They play at such a high level, you play at such a high level, and you--


AUSTIN EKELER: --hear him talking about him going through adversities. We're trying to find ways to win. They only lost three games in the regular season, where we, were like in the middle of the pack, right? We're barely winning games out here. We're trying to find-- the only way we're winning is by barely winning and trying to find a way to win. That was just our identity.

We had a bunch of adversities, injuries, all this stuff that we're holding us back. And so it's just crazy to hear the mindset. Because regardless if you're on the top, if you're in the middle, you're at the bottom, it's the same thing. We're all going through adversity, trying to find a way to be consistent and win, man.

STEFON DIGGS: It's so tough. The AFC is tough.


STEFON DIGGS: In my opinion, the AFC is the more tougher division, know what I'm saying? We got some of the best teams. I'm not saying the NFC doesn't have teams, but you're playing a lot of talent consistently in that AFC. And I feel like you lose three games-- people don't want you to lose at all, you know what I'm saying? If you're in the middle, it's kind of like not a bad spot to be in.

But it's like, all right, we expect them-- they're going to have a couple of good games, know what I'm saying? I guess when you're leading from the front, it's just like, all right, you're supposed to win. We expect you to win. I feel like we were the dark horse, and everybody really was betting on us to really go like, all right, this is the year, know what I'm saying?

That would have been a perfect, fairytale story. But this is the real, real world. There's a lot of other teams competing at a high level, giving it everything they got.

AUSTIN EKELER: Y'all had some wild games, man.

STEFON DIGGS: Yeah, yeah, for sure.

AUSTIN EKELER: You guys helped the ratings for sure, I'll say that.


MATT HARMON: You're here on behalf of Downy.


MATT HARMON: Tell us what you got going on with them.

STEFON DIGGS: I'm here on behalf of Downy Unstoppables. They picked me because I try to dress fresh and clean, and they keep you fresh and clean. And they smell amazing. If you don't believe me, you can sniff it yourself.


AUSTIN EKELER: We got samples.


MATT HARMON: Yeah, no kidding.


MATT HARMON: I mean, it smells incredible.

STEFON DIGGS: There we go. There we go.


STEFON DIGGS: I'm selling their product right now.

MATT HARMON: There we go.

STEFON DIGGS: It's actually-- it keeps me smelling halfway decent.