Will Stefon Diggs' fantasy value drop in Buffalo?

Yahoo Fantasy expert Matt Harmon looks at the receiver's fantasy future after being traded to the Bills during the offseason

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: When it comes to the issue of whether being traded from the Vikings to the Bills helps or hurts Stefon Diggs's fantasy value, I actually would argue that it's a net neutral, and let's break it down here for a second.

Number one, we know this is still one of the best receivers in the NFL. In my opinion, he is the best route runner in the league. He is a true number-one receiver. We know the talent is there.

However, we know the situation is not ideal for a wide receiver in terms of accumulating fantasy points, but I'd argue that it's actually pretty similar to what he dealt with in Minnesota last year, and let's break it down for a second. Number one, we know he's going to have to share targets with an excellent wide receiver across from him. We know in Minnesota it was Adam Thielen. In Buffalo, it's John Brown who crushed it in his first year with the team.

Now, also we know this is a run-heavy football club. Last year, both teams were top 10 in run-play percentage. Neither offense is really throwing the football as much as you'd want for your fantasy receiver.

And lastly, there's a quarterback question. Now, of course, the question in Buffalo is a bit different than it was in Minnesota. In Minnesota, Kirk Cousins would often check down even if Diggs felt that he was open downfield. Really wouldn't get it done in terms of just how often Diggs wanted the football.

Now in Buffalo, I don't think that's going to be a problem. We know that he's not one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league.

So, all in all, this is going to be a situation where Diggs is volatile week to week. The end-of-season numbers might look pretty good, but it's going to be around that mid wide receiver two area, which is exactly what he was last year. Nothing's really changed. It's a net neutral for him.