SteelerSteve in Oregon wins the latest copy of Father of Mine

Another week, another Father of Mine contest, come and gone.

This week’s signed and inscribed copy goes to SteelerSteve. He’s in Oregon. I’ll be signing a copy of Father of Mine and sending it to him in the next few days.

The loose plan is to do something every weekend, with one or two books shipped out to the winner(s). I’ve become tempted to restrict the contest to the United States after finding out the hard way how expensive and cumbersome it is to send a 1.8-pound book from West Virginia to Quebec.

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For now, what the hell? Quebec, London, Timbuktu, wherever. If you win the random drawing, you get the book.

Thanks to all who keep entering. If, in the interim, you’d like to read it or stick a copy of the shelf or wherever, Father of Mine continues to be $4.99 for the ebook at Amazon, $13.97 for the paperback at Amazon, $19.99 for a signed copy at

It also can be read at no extra charge if you sign up for the Kindle Unlimited program.

Summer reading time is coming. And there’s nothing like getting swept up by a good book.

Father of Mine will hopefully take you on that ride. The only way to find out is to climb aboard.

SteelerSteve in Oregon wins the latest copy of Father of Mine originally appeared on Pro Football Talk