Will Steelers WR Diontae Johnson get a new contract this offseason?

No team has spent more money on the defensive side of the football than the Pittsburgh Steelers. The disparity between how much of the salary cap has been allocated for defense as opposed to offense is the widest of any team in the league.

But one guy on offense the Steelers could spend some money on before the start of the regular season is wide receiver Diontae Johnson. Johnson is coming off of his first 100+ reception season and wants to be paid as he enters the final season of his rookie deal.

The market for free-agent wide receivers is very high right now and I’m sure Johnson is seeing that and wants to cash in. Having said that it’s not at all the Steelers style to overpay for a player but I’m sure the front office still wants to get his signed.

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Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire