Steelers WR Calvin Austin III talks about closed door team meeting

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers held something of a closed-door meeting in an attempt to stop the spiral the team seems to be in. Wide Receiver Calvin Austin III was asked about it and while he didn’t pull the curtain back too far, he did offer a couple of interesting tidbits, including that it didn’t involve only players.

“I wouldn’t say players only, but definitely some players that voiced how they’ve been feeling,” Austin said. “I think we’ve been on the same page, but we just got even more on the same page and in tune with each other.”

I appreciate that Austin said the team was already on the same page and just got more of the same page, but we aren’t buying it. This group has been in disarray this season, even in the wins. If that is what he considers on the same page, they can only go up from there.

Pittsburgh is preparing to take on the Baltimore Ravens this week. A win would put Pittsburgh in first place in the AFC North heading into their bye week.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire