Steelers vs Eagles: 6 takeaways from Pittsburgh’s blowout loss

For a quarter on Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked like they might be able to keep up with the Philadelphia Eagles. Then the second quarter happened and once again the wheels fell off for the Steelers. Pittsburgh now sits at 2-6 and has the bye week to sort out if this is a season that can be saved or even is worth saving. Here are our big takeaways from the blowout loss.

Oline got bullied and Pickett got beat up

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The Steelers offensive line played its worst game of the season and quarterback Kenny Pickett was the guy who paid for it. The Eagles defensive front bullied this group all game long, sacking Pickett six times.

No answer for A.J. Brown

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There was a time when A.J. Brown wanted to be on the Steelers. But instead he went to the Eagles and gave the Steelers secondary a beatdown to the tune of 156 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns on only eight receptions. Pittsburgh lacks a No. 1 cornerback and it really showed on Sunday.

Way too many penalties

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If there is anything that will rattle head coach Mike Tomlin, it is the number of unforced errors in the form of penalties by the Steelers. This is a perfect example of a team that is undisciplined and lacking focus.

Najee Harris just isn't very good

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Allowing for the fact that Najee Harris might not be 100 percent, he’s still not producing. Was the offensive line great? No, but if you are expected to be a franchise running back you cannot have a handful of carries for no gain and be outplayed by an undrafted rookie.

Matt Canada's job is safe

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The struggles on offense this week were all about execution and not about playcalling. Matt Canada has been about 50/50 in games this season and if you want to point fingers about what went wrong, it wasn’t Canada’s game plan this week.

Time to evaluate the rest of the season

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Pittsburgh is 2-6 with nine games to play and no one is riding up on a white horse to make this team good. Pittsburgh has a week off to evaluate the roster and decide how to approach the rest of the season.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire