Steelers vs Browns: Showdown with Cleveland the definition of must-win game

It is crazy to think the Pittsburgh Steelers have been outgained in every game this season and have a negative point differential they are 6-3 and the No. 5 seed in the AFC. They are in second place in the AFC North and nipping at the heels of the Baltimore Ravens.

This week the Steelers take on the Cleveland Browns and the playoff implications are huge. According to Pro Football Focus, if the Steelers beat the Browns on Sunday, their chances of making the playoffs go up to 79 percent but if the Steelers lose, the odds go all the way down to 46 percent.

The AFC North is all beat up with the Browns and Bengals losing their starting quarterbacks for the foreseeable future. The Steelers final eight games line up as very winnable thanks to the rash of injuries and Pittsburgh could end the most unlikely playoff team in the NFL.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire