Steelers vs Browns: 3 keys to victory this week

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers need to find a way to get past the Cleveland Browns in hopes of keeping their playoff hopes alive. Plenty of other things must happen but if Pittsburgh doesn’t win this game, none of the rest of it matters. Here are the Steelers keys to victory.

Minimize the damage by Nick Chubb

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Pittsburgh’s run defense has been a huge factor in the team’s turnaround and it has all been building for this. Browns running back Nick Chubb is the toughest challenge they have faced all year. No one expects the Steelers defense to shut them down completely but controlling Chubb on first down and those all-important possession downs will be key.

Turn drives into points

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Pittsburgh has struggled to score touchdowns, particularly in the red zone this season. No one expects this group to suddenly put up 30+ points but this week Pittsburgh needs to see if they can solve the riddle of why they can’t score touchdowns in the red zone. One answer might be making better use of tight end Pat Freiermuth.

Focus on the game

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There are going to be plenty of distractions with two other games going at the same time that have a major impact on the Steelers playoff hopes. This isn’t something new for the Steelers but all the team can worry about what is happening on the field and not partake in any scoreboard watching.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire