Steelers vs Bills playoff matchup remains in jeopardy

The playoff showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills had to be moved from Saturday to Monday to account for a massive snowstorm that moved into the area creating dangerous conditions and even a travel ban.

But as we sit on Sunday, just 24 hours to kickoff, things are no better and this could force yet another schedule change. The forecast for Monday is colder but with slightly less wind and snow. However, after several days straight of blizzard conditions, there’s no way the roads and facilities will be at 100 percent.

However, moving the game a second time creates some very interesting problems. Do you keep the game in Buffalo and just move it out another day? The weather on Tuesday appears to be no better. Or does the league opt for a neutral site? If so, a decision would have to be made today to allow for travel and other logistical hangups.

But another move creates one even bigger issue related to competitive fairness. The Texans and Chiefs will already have an extra day of rest and to prepare and moving the game to Tuesday puts the Bills and Steelers another day behind. The reality is if the league plans to play the game on Monday, they might have well played it on Sunday given the weather. If this matchup ends up being played on Tuesday, the entire slate of game will need to be adjusted in fairness to the winner.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire