Steelers style plays into the weather perfectly against Bills

Over the course of the back half of the NFL season, we have seen the Pittsburgh Steelers get old school and turn to a power run game led by an improved offensive line and two-headed rushing attack.

This is ideal considering the weather for this weekend’s Wild Card game against the Buffalo Bills is going to be played in some nasty weather conditions. According to multiple weather reports, the weather in Orchard Park on Sunday is going to be a mix of terrible and awful/

Temps are going to be in the 20s during the game but thanks to 25 mph winds with gusts up around 50 mph, the wind chill is going to be in single digits. Oh and did we mention it was going to be snowing too?

Downfield passing is going to be all but impossible for both of these teams. Those types of winds along with snow in the air are going to really hinder visibility.

This puts a ton of pressure on Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren to keep moving the chains and just grinding out yards.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire