Steelers spectator J.J. Watt defends his terrible Terrible Towel technique

J.J. Watt is good at a lot of things. Terrible Towel twirling ain’t one of them.

Watt attended his first Pittsburgh Steelers game last week to watch his younger brother, T.J. Watt, take on the Tennessee Titans.

In the third quarter, Watt witnessed Acrisure Stadium on a “Renegade” high, and, of course, he joined in on the fun.

Unfortunately, his Terrible Towel twirling lacked … grace. And Mike Nicastro, host of The Jaylen Warren Show, let him know.

“NFL Player JJ Watt = Hall of Famer. Terrible Towel twirler JJ Watt = revoke this man’s credentials,” NiCastro tweeted.

Watt’s defense? Undertrained and overserved. “I was 245 tater tots and 7 Sarri’s Pretzels deep by this point.”

The towel kept hitting the ceiling of where the 6-foot-five Watt stood in the suite, but also in the eye and face.

His technique needs a little work. But now that he’s retired, he has time.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire