Steelers QB Kenny Pickett highest-graded quarterback in preseason

The preseason was a real eye-opener for anyone who wondered if Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is good enough to compete with the top quarterbacks in the NFL. According to Pro Football Focus, Pickett’s 94.7 grade was the highest of any quarterback in the preseason.

Pickett played five offensive series in the preseason. All five of those series ended with a Steelers touchdown. And they were not the plodding, methodical drives fans have come to expect from a Steelers offense. Pickett showed incredible poise and was fearless about taking shots downfield.

Pickett’s numbers in the preseason are remarkable. Here is how they break down:

  • 158.3 Quarterback Rating

  • 13-of-15 Passing

  • 199 Passing Yards

  • 2 Touchdowns

  • 86.6 Completion Percentage

  • 13.2 Yards Per Attempt

Last season, Pickett only averaged 184.9 passing yards per game. If the preseason is any indication, Pickett could blow any projections about him out of the water as the Steelers return to being a contender in the crowded AFC.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire