Will Steelers QB Justin Fields play in 2024?

The biggest project the Pittsburgh Steelers front office and coaching staff undertook this offseason was to rebuild the quarterback depth chart. Pittsburgh brought in both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields but by all accounts, the starting quarterback job currently belongs to Wilson and it will stay that way.

Both Fields and Wilson are playing on one-year contracts but joining the team from completely different points of view. Wilson is looking to go out on a high note in his stellar career and Fields is hoping to get a promising career back on track. Something that can’t happen if he’s not on the field in 2024.

This doesn’t feel very fair to Fields if the Steelers are going to bring him in, not let him on the field and then send him into free agency with no opportunity to improve. Cast your vote and tell us if you think the Steelers will find ways to get Fields into games this season or is he only playing if Wilson gets hurt?

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire