Steelers OT Broderick Jones on the QB position: ‘There’s no secret it’s gonna be a battle’

Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Broderick Jones talked to the media about his new quarterbacks and he definitely made it seem like the starting spot is far from set in stone.

Jones was asked about the differences in his new quarterbacks when he said it was no secret it would be a battle, meaning between Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Jones also said he wished them both the best and then mentioned how former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had mentioned using Fields in a similar way to how the Saints used to use Taysom Hill.

When head coach Mike Tomlin talked about the quarterback situation earlier in the offseason he gave the impression that Wilson was the frontrunner for the starting job but we are really hoping what Jones said and what Fields said earlier today is the reality and this is a fair position battle with the best quarterback in the starting lineup on Week One.


Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire