Steelers offense coming into the season with something to prove

Last season felt like Groundhog Day for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Every week the team would come out, start slow, then rally late and hope to pull off the win. In almost every case, this scenario, both bad and good, was created by the quarterback position.

But this season will be different, right? Right? After all the Steelers have three new quarterbacks and it is full-on out with the old and in with the new. It sounds like a scary proposition to undertake but the Steelers sound confident in what they have built in the quarterback room and new

It’s going really well. All three guys, you know, to be really transparent, are somewhat scalded, you know? They got something to prove professionally, um, but we as a collective feel the same way. We have something to prove, and I just think that is a good frame of mind to be in as individuals and as a collective as we prepare ourselves for the 2024 season. You know, it’s not fun to relocate or get fired or things of that nature, but as competitors, man, it always motivates us in the right way, and I’m excited about working with the men that you mentioned.

Last season the Steelers were No. 28 in the league in scoring and No. 25 in the NFL in yards.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire