Is the Steelers offense the best fantasy sleeper unit for 2023? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski hop on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Show to discuss how the Pittsburgh Steelers passing game is full of potential fantasy sleepers.

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Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Sleepers-- these are guys going eighth round or later. I will let you get us started, and if you would like to rail on the sleeper police, I'm fine with that.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I'm going to cheat. I'm going to say it right now. I'm cheating on the sleeper segment, OK? And this is--

MATT HARMON: You're cheating on the first--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I'm cheating on the first pick. I'm coming out hot with a cheating pick.


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: The Pittsburgh passing game.

MATT HARMON: Oh, well, I mean--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: So that's Kenny Pickett. So that's Pat Freiermuth. So that's George Pickens. You, dear listener, can pick the one you like.

MATT HARMON: By the way, he's going the 10th pick of the seventh round on average, George Pickens. 80th overall. So, even Diontae Johnson is like a seventh round pick.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: For sure. For sure.

MATT HARMON: The 71st overall player. So, yeah--

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: If I really wanted the cheat, I could have said Pittsburgh offense and tied Jaylen Warren in here, which I was tempted to do. But I thought the passing game--

MATT HARMON: He's mostly going to be they're passing down back most likely, Scott. So honestly, this is all working for you.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: He might have-- he might have--

MATT HARMON: --speaking my language.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: He might have standalone value, for sure. And who knows? Maybe he's more explosive than Najee Harris.

That's certainly in play. The key here is Pickett because he's the connective tissue for everybody. And I thought Pickett played pretty darn well the last quarter of the season.

Mike Tomlin, no losing record. I know we don't like Matt Canada, the offensive coordinator, but there's so much talent, and it's all on the escalator-- second year receiver, second year quarterback, third year tight end. Those are when breakouts happen.

Somebody's going to pop here. Maybe they all pop. I want to draft the Pittsburgh passing game. I'm going to just leave it at that.

MATT HARMON: I purposely left off how good Kenny Pickett and the offense looked from the preseason news and notes here because I'm trying-- I am so-- trying so desperately not to talk myself into this offense. And I really like the way it sets up. I love this call because these are all players I've been proactively drafting.


MATT HARMON: All of the Pittsburgh passing players. Those role players-- even if Allen Robinson is not on the fantasy radar, even if Calvin Austin is not on the fantasy radar, like, the fact that their third and fourth receiver is pretty interesting and probably fits into a decent role-- like, Calvin Austin's just got juice again to the point that Kenny Pickett can uncork one to him, right? Like, Robinson knows how to beat zone coverage still at this point as the slot receiver.

That's going to help Kenny Pickett. And then the top two receivers, I think, are dudes. Like, I love Diontae Johnson as a route runner. I love George Pickens as a vertical X receiver.

And if he expands his game even more, which, I tweeted about this on Friday. There is evidence of him being that player at Georgia. And you and I are both all in, I think, on Pat Freiermuth at this point.

So, yeah, hey. If you're to cheat and bucket all these guys together, I think-- here, let's put it this way way, Scott. This is how you sell it. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the sleeper offense of fantasy football this year.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I love it. Sign me up.