Steelers OC Matt Canada confident there won’t be a repeat performance vs the Browns

Last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers offense looked anemic against the San Francisco 49ers. Removing the one 95-scoring drive at the end of the first half, the Steelers offense was only able to muster 178 total yards of offense in the other 58 minutes.

The performance put quarterback Kenny Pickett and offensive coordinator Matt Canada in the spotlight this week as the team prepares to take on the 1-0 Cleveland Browns. We have already heard from Pickett and how excited he is to get back onto the field and put last week behind him and on Thursday, Canada sounded almost confident that there was no chance of a repeat performance on Monday night.

“We have no concern that’s gonna continue,” Canada said. A lot of times, we wonder if Canada has any concerns about anything related to the offense. Most fans are outraged he was retained for this season but you can’t really put last week’s loss on anyone but Pickett. Nevertheless, the blame will always fall onthe shoulders of the coaches by the fanbase.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire