Should the Steelers move on from Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada? | Sunday Night Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab hop on “Sunday Night Blitz” Podcast to discuss yet another dismal week for the Pittsburgh Steelers offense, and debate if it’s time for the Steelers to make a move at both quarterback and offensive coordinator.

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Video Transcript


FRANK SCHWAB: Man, the Pittsburgh Steelers have to be like, what do we do with Kenny Pickett? He was terrible in this game. Like, just-- I get the Browns are a great defense. I get that. But watching that offense was like, what-- what on Earth are they doing? Like, they had no chance in that game. Like, Kenny Pickett got outplayed by DTR, a fifth round rookie who looked really, really terrible at his first start against the Ravens. I just don't know what they do.

Like, it's just-- maybe it's all Matt Canada's fault, like all of Russell Wilson's problems are Nathaniel Hackett's fault. I don't know that. But the Pittsburgh Steelers need to make some changes. Look, they're 6 and 4. And Najee Harris after the game basically just said, I'm sick of this, I'm sick-- and a lot of expletives. He's obviously frustrated. Didn't point fingers, didn't name names. But it's pretty easy to figure out what he's talking about.

Like, when you have a passing game that's this bad, your offense coordinator, that has to be a question whether he keeps his job. I know Steelers fans have been calling for his head for a long, long time. But the bigger question is quarterback because he drafted Kenny Pickett in the first round to be a lot better than this. And he just-- he's not there. I thought he would make progress, but he hasn't. Where are you at with the Steelers?

JASON FITZ: I think the wheels are going to fall off. And this isn't about-- like, the only reason most people don't think that is because of Mike Tomlin. Well, that's fine. But at some point, you can only make so much chicken salad out of so much chicken you-know-what, right? Like, and that's just what's happening every week. Like, the one thing that we have seen repeatedly, if you want to be a great NFL team, one thing you have to be willing to do is admit your mistakes.

And if there's any fatal flaw right now to the Steelers, it's that they haven't admitted their mistake with their offensive coordinator. And I think they haven't admitted their mistake with their quarterback. The best thing they could do to help their franchise moving forward is get rid of both of them and press restart at the position and with your offensive coordinator. And if Mike Tomlin and the organization chooses not to do that, I think that's a warning flag at some point. Pride is the downfall of man. You can't let your relationship with your offensive coordinator be the reason that you send your whole team down the tubes.