Steelers’ latest statement on Ryan Shazier sounds less optimistic

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

A few hours after Monday night’s game ended, the Steelers issued a statement that gave some reason for optimism on the condition of their hospitalized linebacker, Ryan Shazier. The statement the Steelers issued on Tuesday afternoon sounded less optimistic.

In the overnight statement, the Steelers said that Shazier “continues to improve” and that there were “hopes of returning to Pittsburgh on Tuesday.”

The statement the Steelers released on Tuesday afternoon said nothing about Shazier improving but did confirm that he will not be able to leave the Cincinnati hospital for at least another day.

The Steelers have not said anything about whether Shazier can move his legs, or whether they expect him to make a full recovery. The team knows fans are concerned about Shazier and would presumably provide such information if they could.

The only good news the Steelers have provided is that Shazier is receiving excellent care, overseen by both the director of neurotrauma at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the chief of neurosurgery at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Millions of NFL fans are appreciative of the care Shazier is getting, and hoping for the best.

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