Steelers HC Mike Tomlin shares importance of Top 30 visits

The Pittsburgh Steelers have always made a point to be very deliberate and intentional with their pre-draft visits. On Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media ahead of the 2024 NFL draft and he spoke on the franchise’s importance of those visits to the team.

You know, in some instances it’s significant and in some instances, it’s a box check. We got several ways to gain exposure to players during this process. You know, those that participate in the Senior Bowl, we get an opportunity and interview those guys down there. Obviously, we get Combine opportunities, Omar (Khan) and myself, we traveled to a lot of pro days. And
so, the 30 visits are another means of gathering pertinent information. Sometimes the guy is a non-combine invite, and we want medical information for example. Sometimes a guy wasn’t a Senior Bowl participant, and we didn’t interview him at the Combine. We also have local visits that are nonencounters. I just think largely for us, it’s about exposing ourselves to as many of these guys as we can. And the 30 visit is just a means of catching something if some of the other opportunities have not provided

The Steelers have brought in a wide variety of prospects for visits and we fully expect the team’s first-round pick to come from that list. The Steelers are in a position to pick from top prospects at multiple positions including offensive line and wide receiver with the No. 20 overall pick.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire