Steelers HC Mike Tomlin says he wants fans to be ‘fat and sassy and spoiled’

On Monday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers have another questionable offensive performance, this time against the Cleveland Browns. Aside from a handful of plays, the Steelers offense couldn’t get out of park and had to be bailed out by the defense and special teams to pull off the win.

This offensive futility got under the skin of the crowd at Acrisure Stadium so much so that a huge chant of “Fire Canada” erupted. This is of course in reference to Pittsburgh offensive coordinator Matt Canada who most fans point to as public enemy No. 1 when it comes to the Steelers woes.

When asked about it on Tuesday, Tomlin didn’t shy away from it but instead turned it into a compliment to the fanbase instead.

“I share their passion,” Tomlin said. We love our fans. They inspire us. They challenge us. We don’t run from challenges. We run to challenges. It is our job to win and entertain them. We don’t begrudge them for that. We want them to be fat and sassy and spoiled.”

You have to appreciate Tomlin saying all the right things but how many more weeks of offensive futility can be tolerated before a change has to be made? Those chants are just going to get louder.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire