Steelers fill major need with OT Jones

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed discuss the strengths and weakness of OT Broderick Jones and how he will help the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

Video Transcript

- 1:33, it's that 3 and 4.

AHMED FAREED: All right, the Patriots traded with the Steelers. Steelers pick is in. Chris has predicted a tackle for the second pick in a row. Broderick Jones, the pick is Broderick Jones.

CHRIS SIMMS: I'm batting 500.

AHMED FAREED: Nailed it. Why did that make so much sense?

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CHRIS SIMMS: They needed a tackle so badly. I think on a lot of people's boards, Broderick Jones is the number one tackle in the draft.

AHMED FAREED: Out of Georgia.

CHRIS SIMMS: Right, so I wouldn't be shocked if he was their number one guy. We're picking a few picks later. Let's just make sure we go up a few picks and get our guy right now, and just make sure we secure a position, and like a part of their team that we talked about for the last two years on the podcast.

And we're always like, oh, my gosh, there's nowhere to run for Najee Harris, pass protection is an issue. So I think that's where it's a great pick. You got something to get back to being physical and open up some holes.


AHMED FAREED: So what are his strengths and weaknesses?

CHRIS SIMMS: Well, I think he's like a hair stiff to me. That was probably one of the problems as far as why I didn't make him my top tackle, right? But like the length and the potential might be the best in the draft, as far as the anchor wasn't up there with Darnell Wright, as far as the ability to handle speed to power, or any power type of rush.

But I could see where he can get into an NFL coach and learn a few things. To where you go, oh, he might be able to do this at a very high level. I couldn't quite make him one because of that. But then he has an incredible arm length, and he is a road grader, like Darnell Wright, too. Like maybe he doesn't get as low and get people off the line of scrimmage quite the same way, in my opinion. But I think that's why they like the big man Broderick Jones out of Georgia.