Who are Steelers fans rooting for in the AFC championship game?

Fans of 28 NFL teams are going to be watching conference championship games without a team in the hunt. This is where Pittsburgh Steelers fans find themselves as the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals square off with the winner representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

So let’s hear it Steeler Nation, who are you rooting for? There’s one group of the fanbase that is planning to root for the Bengals. It might be because they want to see the AFC North in the Super Bowl or maybe they appreciate the swagger of this Bengals team.

But there is another faction of the fanbase who could never root for Cincinnati and will be cheering for the Chiefs this weekend. There are diehards who could never cheer for a Steelers rival under any circumstances.

Or maybe you are one of those Steelers who will take the high ground and refuse to root for anyone but the Steelers? Case your vote and let us know.

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Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire