Steelers defensive coordinator thinks Tyler Eifert will be a problem to cover, but he's on IR

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We all make mistakes. Some of us are terrible with names.

And to be fair to Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler, he was asked about Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert on “Coordinator’s Corner,” a video series on the Steelers’ site, when he gave an answer that sounded reasonable:

“I think he’s very good,” Butler said about Eifert, according to Steelers Depot. “He’s up there. He can get deep on you. He does a good job of catching the ball downfield. So he’s going to be a problem for us to cover.”

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Eifert is good at catching the ball downfield and is tough to cover … when he’s healthy.

Eifert has been on injured reserve since a brutal ankle injury back on Sept. 30.

Steelers coordinator answers about Tyler Eifert

It’s one thing for Stephen A. Smith on ESPN to not know a tight end is out for the season, but it’s another for a defensive coordinator to get it wrong. It’s an even worse look given how the Steelers’ defense hasn’t played great lately as the team has gone from playoff lock to hoping for help to get in the postseason.

Maybe Butler was mistaken between Eifert and another tight end. Perhaps he didn’t want to point out the mistake in the middle of filming a video and just went along with it. It’s hard to believe he truly didn’t know Eifert is out, since he has been injured since September. When the Bengals and Steelers met for the first time, Eifert was already on IR.

It’s just a bad look. Steelers Depot said the “Coordinator’s Corner” video was taken down (Steelers Depot had an audio file of the question and answer). But Eifert found humor in it.

Steelers under intense pressure

The Steelers are under the microscope. They started 7-2-1, but go into Week 17 needing a win and a Ravens loss (or the unlikely Titans-Colts tie) to make the playoffs.

The coaching staff has been under fire. Butler has been part of that, particularly after his defense was torched by the strange strategy of having a linebacker mostly cover Chargers star receiver Keenan Allen in a big loss.

Butler isn’t preparing for Eifert this week. At least, hopefully not. But he’ll get a hard time on social media for it. The whole thing would be a lot easier to laugh off if the Steelers had a playoff spot clinched.

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler is preparing for the Bengals on Sunday. (AP)
Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler is preparing for the Bengals on Sunday. (AP)

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