Steelers defense sets unique mark for playoff futility

Over the course of the 2023 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive issues stole all the headlines but the defense had more than its fair share of problems with stopping other teams. But Pittsburgh limped into the playoffs again only to see yet another early exit.

But there is a stat that illustrates an even bigger issue that falls outside of the regular-season accolades.

Here are the scores of the Steelers last five playoff losses.

New England Patriots 36 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Jacksonville Jaguars 45 – Pittsburgh Steelers 42

Cleveland Browns 48 – Pittsburgh Steelers 37

Kansas City Chiefs 42 – Pittsburgh Steelers 21

Buffalo Bills 31 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17

This means the Steelers are the only team in NFL history to lose five straight playoff games allowing more than 30 points in each game. Is this a product of an inept offense that just wore the defense down all season long and by the playoffs they just had nothing left or does this point to a bigger issue on the defensive side of the football?

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire