Steelers announce QB Mason Rudolph will start at Bills

The Buffalo Bills will face Mason Rudolph under center in the Wild-Card round.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin announced that Rudolph will be the starting QB in Buffalo (11-6) on Sunday.

“Much like in the spirit of which we did a week ago, we’re just simply staying with the hot hand and not disrupting the apple cart,” Tomlin said per Steelers Wire. “We’ve been in some tough circumstances. He’s delivered, we’ve delivered. So, we will continue in that vein.”

Kenny Pickett was previously starting until injury. Then former Bill Mitchell Trubisky took over and was benched for Rudolph.

In three starts, Rudolph has put up 719 yards and three touchdowns and no turnovers.

Most importantly for Pittsburgh (10-7), Rudolph has not lost any of the trio of starts he’s made for the team. Without those, Buffalo is facing someone else in this upcoming week’s Wild Card.

A third-round pick in 2018, Rudolph has yet to face the Bills in his career.

Story originally appeared on Bills Wire