Steelers among the most hated NFL teams in America, according to Twitter map

Ryan Wormeli
·1 min read

Steelers among most hated NFL teams, according to Twitter map originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Pittsburgh Steelers, like the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers, are one of the NFL's most popular teams thanks to decades of success on the big stage.

And like those other teams, it's also made the Steelers one of the league's most hated teams, too.

Per Twitter activity, the Steelers are the most hated NFL team in a whopping eight states, topping the Packers (six) and 49ers (five). No other team is above four.

The most obvious states that hate the Steelers are the homes of their most bitter rivals - Maryland and Ohio. But the hatred doesn't stop there, as their "domain" spans as far northeast as Rhode Island and as far south as Tennessee.

Pennsylvania returns the favor to Ravens fans, with the purple and black ranking as the most hated team in the state, even though the Philadelphia Eagles have multiple NFC East options for rivals too. But the Ravens aren't most hated anywhere else.

And if Sunday's massive Week 8 rivalry matchup between the Ravens and Steelers goes the way Ravens fans hope it will, that ranking won't be changing anytime soon.