Steelers 2024 NFL draft: Mike Tomlin, Omar Khan discuss trading back in the first round

Given the Pittsburgh Steelers have so many needs heading into the NFL draft, trading down to acquire more picks is an option worth considering.

But it’s not something they’ve done much of recently. The last time Pittsburgh traded back was over a decade ago, in the fifth round of the 2010 draft. The Steelers traded No. 155 to the Arizona Cardinals for cornerback Bryant McFadden and pick No. 195 (sixth round), where they selected wide receiver Antonio Brown.

“You never trade away, in my opinion, from a good place, a good player,” Omar Khan told the media in Monday’s predraft press conference. “But, obviously, if there’s another scenario that makes sense for both sides, you have to look at it.”

Tomlin added that, historically, No. 20 has been a sweet spot for teams looking to make a trade.

“That’s probably the area where people are having those discussions because they’re good for teams that are usually playoff-caliber football teams,” Tomlin said. “Sometimes trading back provides value for those teams that don’t have glaring needs, I think. That’s probably the spot where that kind of ends, and those discussions, the 20, it seems like it always is.”

The last time the Steelers were at pick No. 20, they stayed put and chose quarterback Kenny Pickett.

We all know how that turned out.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire