Steeler Nation let the team down with lack of attendance on Sunday

When the NFL schedule makers put out the 2023 schedule, they finally granted the Pittsburgh Steelers a home game in Week One. I mean, you had to go back all the way to 2014 for the last time the fans had this opportunity. So you just knew Steeler Nation was going to come out in droves and support their team, right? Right?

Not so much. The Steelers fans really let the team down on Sunday in a way we typically see opposing teams do when Pittsburgh comes to down. The Steelers get its first home opener in nearly a decade and instead of showing, were fine with selling their tickets to San Francisco 49ers fans.

It has been a long time since we’ve seen as much of the opposing team’s colors at a Pittsburgh home game as we did on Sunday. The Niners fans were loud and rowdy and supported their team. Mainly because there were so many of them. This was a huge letdown for anyone watching at home.

If the Steelers continue to lose, look for this trend to continue at home. And on some level that makes sense. But I am baffled how Steeler Nation was okay with what happened against the Niners and passed up a chance to see their team play after the long offseason.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire