Staying safe: Work-from-home tips to help you take ‘control over your’ day”

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Wearing pajamas to work sounds like a nightmare, right? But it may be a reality for millions of people working from home to slow the infection rate of the coronavirus. For those juggling homeschooling, technical snags and other hiccups, your outfit seems inconsequential, but ordinary touches can raise your mood and productivity. “Working from home is now a survival tactic and there is no specific way to do that,” Shoshanna Hecht, LCSW, a New York-based executive and personal coach tells Yahoo Lifestyle. And if you thrive in a buzzy office or have a job that demands collaboration or face-time, your new schedule could feel unwieldy and unmanageable. “This time is temporary but also indefinite,” says Hecht. “And exerting control over your workday is grounding.” These small changes can make the WFH adjustment easier and rewarding.

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