State Champion Gus Bohmbach leads West Region wrestlers

Feb. 19—FARGO — While the East may have grabbed the spotlight, the West Region wrestlers made their presence felt at the Class B state wrestling championships, showcasing their skill and determination on the mat.

South Border emerged as the dominant force, clinching both the individual and dual tournament titles. However, teams like New Salem-Almont and Killdeer proved they were forces to be reckoned with, despite facing tough competition from their Eastern counterparts.

New Salem-Almont demonstrated their depth and talent, securing third place in the team scores with an impressive showing in the individual tournament. Led by standout performances from seven wrestlers finishing in the top 8.

Killdeer, the Region 4 dual champions, showcased their resilience by securing sixth place in the team standings. Despite facing setbacks, including a defeat against New Salem-Almont in the dual tournament, the team displayed tenacity and determination throughout the competition. Notable wrestlers like Gus Bohmbach, Jack Bohmbach, Birch Bang, and Ben Roundy achieved top placements in their respective weight classes.

Gus Bohmbach emerged as the sole champion from the Cowboys' 2024 season. During a challenging 160 weight class championship match, senior Gus Bohmbach faced Josh Meehl, resulting in a No. 1 versus No. 2 clash and concluding with a 6-3 decision in favor of the Cowboy who finished his season with an impressive 48-1 record.

His brother Jack Bohmbach showcased resilience, bouncing back from his semifinal defeat against No. 1 ranked Cohen Bell of Stanley. He pressed forward to the 121 weight class third-place match against Pitch Hager, securing victory with a 3-1 decision.

Hettinger-Scranton also made their mark with notable performances from wrestlers like Kyler Schalesky and Riley Hasbrouck, who secured top-eight finishes in their respective weight classes.

In addition to New Salem-Almont and Killdeer, the Bowman County/Beach program produced impressive results, with the Noll brothers both finishing in the top 8 in their weight classes. Emery Noll claimed fourth place in the 160 weight class, while Sawyer Noll secured fifth place in the 152 weight class.

Despite the departure of strong senior leaders, Killdeer leaves behind a legacy of excellence in their wrestling program, setting the stage for future success and a healthy rivalry with New Salem-Almont.