Stat: Justin Fields consistently fastest quarterback in the NFL

Stat: Fields is consistently the fastest QB in the NFL originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

If there's one surefire attribute Justin Fields has put on display in the last month – it's his speed.

Fields has rushed for 467 yards in the past four games. A large part of his success comes from his ability to read defenders, but also his natural athleticism and ability to get north and south.

According to Next Gen Stats, Fields reached just over 20 mph during his 67-yard touchdown run on Sunday, which broke two of his Bears' franchise records.

Fields has seven 20+ mph runs this season, which is two runs short of every other quarterback's combined 20+ mph runs this season.

Is Fields the fastest quarterback in the NFL?

If he isn't, he's certainly close to it.

Fields' speed could easily be his best attribute as a player, and has accounted for much of the Bears' success on offense this season.

What's more, Luke Getsy and the coaching staff decided to package part of their play calling around Fields' speed by giving him quarterback-designed runs. Since then, the offense's production has skyrocketed.

Add that along with his ability to throw off defenders by scrambling the ball, and you have a productive offense on the back of one of the league's fastest players.

There's certainly more left in Fields' tank and the Bears will not shy away from using him on the ground. Chicago has the most productive rushing attack this season, leading the NFL in team rushing yards and rushing attempts per game.

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