Starting Year 4 in Washington, Sam Cosmi says Commanders feel like a new team

Commanders guard Sam Cosmi has played his entire career in Washington, but as the team's offseason program begins in 2024, he says it feels like a different team.

Cosmi said the feeling in the building with new owner Josh Harris, new General Manager Adam Peters, new head coach Dan Quinn and lots of new teammates is different.

"Overall dynamic of the environment and the vibe is very positive, very dynamic, very uplifting. It feels great," Cosmi said. "It's like you went to a new team. That's the feel right now. New everything we just had our new owner last year, new head coach, half the locker room's basically new, it's like you went to a new team. It's definitely a breath of fresh air."

For Commanders fans, anything that represents a change from the Dan Snyder era will be a breath of fresh air.