Starcraft legends Life & Bbyong indicted and arrested on match fixing charges

Dylan Walker

(Photo: Ghostclaw, Team Liquid)

Bad news for some of Starcraft II’s top players.

The Changwon Regional Prosecution Service (CRPS) special investigations division identified 11 individuals involved in a match fixing scandal that spanned at least 16 professional GSL & KeSPA Cup matches that took place from May 2015 to as recently as January 2016.

According to the CRPS report, Lee “Life” Seung Hyun has been charged with receiving roughly $62,000 from four brokers who paid the player to intentionally lose matches. Two other financial backers were charged as well. Had Life won the entirety of the tournament in question, he would have made roughly one-sixth of his illegal take.

Jung “Bbyong” Woo Young made a little less than half of Life’s amount to throw a GSL game in January. The majority of these bets were placed online.

Life, bbyong, and the others arrested currently await sentencing. Lifetime bans from professional Starcraft are expected.

See the full report from the CRPS here (English translation here).

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