Starbucks Spider-Man is the real hero we need

TikTok user @who_is_jackie has built up a reputation for pulling off elaborate pranks at Starbucks . Most of the pranks involve her showing up to the drive-thru in an outlandish costume. In a video shared on Nov. 11, the TikToker rolled up to the Starbucks drive-thru dressed as Spider-Man. She didn’t just dress up, though: She fully committed. The TikToker took the heroic step of climbing on top of her car to place her order. “Oh hell no. Hell no,” the employee at the window says. “This wasn’t what I expected when I came into Starbucks [today]”. The drive-thru workers seemed to get past their surprise though, ultimately playing along with @who_is_jackie’s prank. “Hey, keep saving the city, alright?” the employee says as he hands the TikToker her coffee. TikTok users had plenty of reactions to share, most of which involved some combination of shock and hilarity. “THE DEDICATION PLEASE,” one user wrote. JACKIE YOUR VIDEOS JUST GET BETTER EVERY TIME,” another added. Who_is_jackie followed up in the comments, assuring TikTok that her pranks would “never” stop