Starbucks signs big deal, Bank of America facing controversy over firearms funding, Apple’s new upgrade issue

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you.

Starbucks (SBUX) has struck a $7B deal with Nestle to sell Starbucks coffee, tea and food products around the globe. For Starbucks, it gets greater exposure and royalties on everything sold. And according to the Wall Street Journal, Nestle greatly benefits by gaining scale in the U.S., one of its weaker markets.

Bank of America (BAC) might be getting itself in hot water with consumers. The bank is contributing to a fund that will help pull gun maker Remington out of bankruptcy. This comes after Bank of America pledged not to finance military-style firearms just weeks ago. Under the loan, Bank of America’s would pony up $43 million to be included in a $193 million dollar lending package funded by six other banks.

Have you been having audio problems with your iPhone? MacRumors reports Apple (AAPL) warned some service providers that recent iOS software updates are actually breaking down the phone’s hardware. If you’re worried your phone could be next, experts recommend waiting to update your phone until Apple lets you know if it will pay for repairs.

AMC (AMC) investors will find out if the theater chain’s future is really as “glorious” as its CEO claims. Earnings hit the tape after the bell today but the numbers aren’t promising. As of April, North American box office sales were down more than 2%. AMC’s CEO is pinning his hopes on super hero blockbusters like The Avengers bringing movie fans into theaters.

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