Starbucks employee left ‘panicking’ after bizarre workplace mishap

TikTokers are losing it over this bizarre Starbucks receipt error. The viral moment comes courtesy of user @themondanadiaries. In her clip, the alleged Starbucks employee showed what happened when a malfunctioning cash register left her co-workers “panicking”. According to her clip, the register malfunctioned after a customer ordered a bagel with butter. The result, somehow, was an endless stream of receipts — covered in one word over and over and over again. In the video, @themondanadiaries and her co-workers watch as the register continually prints the word “butter”. As the video claimed, one machine even ran out of paper — but the process just shifted to another register. “He’s panicking,” @themondanadiaries wrote of her co-worker. TikTok users mostly found the incident to be funny; however, others said they could relate to the Starbucks employees’ stress