'Star Wars' dad records daughter's reaction to iconic franchise twist

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It’s one of the biggest plot twists in cinematic history.

Darth Vader, a mass murderer, reveals to Luke Skywalker,

the earnest, hopeful hero, that he is his father.

The climax of 1980’s “The Empire

Strikes Back” blew the audience’s

minds when it first played in theaters.

40 years later, most people —

even if they’ve never seen a “Star Wars”

movie — know about the twist.

But Christian Perez was able to find one

person who didn’t know what was coming.

Perez recorded his daughter Anabella’s

reaction to watching the famous scene for

the first time ever and posted it to YouTube.

Anabella’s eyes widen and her jaw

drops as she realizes the connection

between Darth Vader and Luke.

Most responses were jealous

that Anabella was able to watch

the scene without knowing anything.

Others had a more

emotional reaction to the clip.

“Seeing their reaction to this reveal

is one of the reasons I can’t wait

to have kids,” another fan replied

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