Star City Council appoints Sharon Doyle to serve as town's acting mayor

Mar. 28—It took 10 minutes and two votes Monday evening for Star City Town Council to amend the town's code pertaining to the succession of mayoral duties and appoint Sharon Doyle the town's acting mayor.

The emergency meeting was called in light of health concerns that have kept Mayor Herman Reid away from his duties.

Reid, who's been the town's mayor since 2015, resigned as the town's municipal judge last week and pulled his name off the municipal election ballot.

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His current term ends July 1, meaning Doyle could hold the temporary title for up to 95 days and is now unopposed for the position on the June 7 ballot.

As a part of Monday's meeting, council approved a letter to Reid from Attorney Tim Stranko offering council's endorsement of Reid's leave of absence, and explaining that before he can return to work he will need to provide council a release from his treating physician.

Until that happens, the letter continues, the acting mayor will exclusively exercise the powers of the office.

"The key here is that you can only have one boss and this makes that clear, " Stranko told council.


Doyle is a 39-year resident of Star City and has been a mainstay on council for the better part of three decades.

"I appreciate the fact that my colleagues had enough confidence in me to fulfill this role, " Doyle said following the meeting. "First of all, on a personal basis, I'm glad to see Mayor Reid has put his health as the priority. Council as a whole will take it from here and keep things rolling in Star City. We have a lot of projects in the pipeline and I'm glad to be able to follow through with them."

But before council could appoint Doyle, it had to alter a section of code that mandates the town's recorder take on the role in the event of the mayor's absence.

Recorder Steve Blinco declined those duties, citing his responsibilities as a teacher, track coach, town recorder and father.


"It wouldn't have been fair to the citizens of Star City. Sharon is the logical choice on this council. She brings years of experience. She and Mayor Reid have helped me learn so much throughout the years, " Blinco said. "These opportunities will come again, and maybe one day I'd like to be mayor or something else, but it wouldn't have been responsible at this time."

Star City Town Council will hold its next regular meeting on April 4, during which Doyle and new Municipal Judge Ponch Reyes will be sworn in.

Members of council said they would also like to discuss compensation for the acting mayor at that meeting.